No settings options after updating


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I updated the custom firmware on my HDR this morning, from v2.xx to the latest. I then went to the web-if, and updated all the packages, then rebooted again. However, the web-if isn't functioning correctly. I get a 404 for the reboot "page", and if I go into the settings page, I don't get any settings (just the title banner and footer).

This is what I'm now running...
Web interface version: 1.2.2-9
Custom firmware version: 3.03 (build 2368)
Humax Version: 1.02.20 (kernel HDR_CFW_3.03)

Should I have removed the web-if before installing the new custom firmware?

Everything else seems to work OK (browsing files, EPG, scheduled events etc).
I would try clearing the browser cache first to ensure you are not viewing stale webif pages.
wubweku - just to check, you do want version 1.02.20 of the firmware? If you have telnet access you could try a force reinstall of Web-If from the command line:

opkg install --force-reinstall webif