No signal found occasionally when starting HDR


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Occasionally when starting my HDR I just get a blank TV screen, apart from the message "!The receiver is not receiving a signal or the signal is too weak". Looking at the signal strength does indeed show signal strength of zero for all muxes. However the picture through the television tuner (the aerial signal is looped through the HDR) seems as good as normal. Everything is returned to normal just by using the remote control to re-start the HDR. What is causing it, and can it be cured?

One I look after did a similar thing a couple of months ago. It was glitching and blocking, so I looked at the signal strength readings and they were all down to about 10% which was much less than normal. Odd I thought, so I took out the attenuator from the aerial feed and the figures remained at 10%. Even odder I thought, so I rebooted the box. No change. Then I powered it off and on again and everything returned to normal.
There have been no complaints since, so I don't know what the cause was, but I suspect some weird tuner problem which needed a power off reset.
I also had this problem and it got increasingly worse. Eventually worked out that it was the tuner in
the Humax that was slowly failing. Have a read at this thread :-

Sorry it's not more cheerful news

So what are you going to do about it? Is it still under warranty?

I'm wondering whether I have a related problem with my HDR-T2 which is just under 18 months old, and thus still under warranty. At first I thought it was temperature related and only occurred when the house was unoccupied for a few days, and cold - but it has since occurred at other times, too.

I've had very few completely failed recordings - although it did, for some reason, fail to record University Challenge last Monday - and told me that the recording was "less than 30 seconds long" when I tried to play it. The main problem is that it occasionally behaves as if it has a very weak signal - sometimes with complete picture and sound breakup, so as to be unwatchable. This can happen both on recordings and when watching live.

When watching live, if I switch to the TV's own tuner using the same aerial feed via the T2, the picture is perfectly ok - suggesting a problem with the T2's tuner. But it's intermittent, and I couldn't guarantee to be able to demonstrate it. If I send it back to Humax, they may well find nothing wrong with it!

FWIW, I'm on firmware version 1.02.28 as a result of an OTA update applied on 26th May 2012.

If you read all the way to the end you'll find that I used the great advice available on this forum to rescue all my recordings and then had the box replaced under warranty by Richer Sounds on 14 Jan. Since then the new box has performed perfectly (which is more than I can say for myself :( )

I've followed your thread in the past but the characteristics seem a bit different in several ways :-
your issue appears a lot more intermittent than my experience,
I was experiencing lots of failed recordings (although, admittedly, I was loading it to test consistency of the problem) and
I never experienced the picture and sound breakup you're seeing - it was all or nothing with mine.

Given that you can switch from a 'dodgy' experience on the T2 to a perfect one on your TV from the same aerial feed it certainly seems like your T2 tuner is at fault. Given that you are at 18mths now I think I'd bite the bullet and take the pain of getting it replaced while you still can.