No Signal on TV channels following install of new Humax


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I am disabled so I had to depend on my dad to connect it up for me, I soon discovered though I have to have my PVR switched on just to be able to watch TV, despite the fact my TV is full HD.

Is there a chance it could have been connected up wrongly since I haven't managed to find anything on this issue on the forums, or do I need an ariel splitter or something like that?
It depends how it is wired up. If the aerial has not been daisy-chained through from the Humax to the TV, then you are reliant on the Humax to act as the receiver and the TV to display the video via HDMI. It is not uncommon to use it like that, because without the Humax being on you do not have live pause and rewind capability (unless it is also built into the TV), and it is a right faff to have to turn the Humax on when you find there is a programme you want to record. The Humax also has a better EPG than most TVs (in my opinion). Your dad might not have had an aerial link cable (plug one end and in-line socket, or plug+coupler, the other) available at the time.

Presuming there is a daisy-chain aerial connection to the TV, you need to set "Power Saving in Standby" to off, see Things Every... (click) section 7.
Thank you, Switching the power saving off solved the main problem, I suspect I may get into the habit of watching main tv through the humax for the pause etc benefits
That's what we do. Our TV is just a monitor for all intents and purposes. The ability to pause and rewind 'live' broadcasts is just too convenient!

Also, our TV does not have a built-in HD tuner.

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