' No Signal'

steve peck

New Member
Had my 9300t along with a Samsung TV for a couple of years, during most of that time I keep getting a 'no signal' message on the TV which results in nothing being recorded as scheduled.
A quick flick up or down the channel selector on the tv remote restores normal service. I take it that its a TV problem and not the Humax?

Any one else had this?

I have had this all this week, but I don't think this is a problem with the Humax as I have a good picture. When I switch the PVR off, all I get on my TV is 'No Signal' Connected by scart Tv-Pvr Can anyone help please.

Thank you in advance
For the signal to pass through your 9300T when it is switched off (i.e. in stand-by) the power saving option must be set to 'off'.
Go into the menu preference screen. There is a 'Power Saving in Standby' option. Make sure that it is switched to 'off'.