Noob problems playing HDR content on HD


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Just got an HDR and an HD. Was hoping to use the HD as a remote viewer for my daughter's room with one central recorder. I can connect to the HDR via the network but I'm having issues operating on a more advanced level (with resume play, programme info etc).

I've put the modded firmware on both units and installed Foxlink. This lets me see the HDR from the HD as a drive fine (though it seems to forget the IP address quite a lot). I can't playback HDR recordings (SD or HD) though - it just brings up an error message. So I tried the BootHDR mod for the HD. When I boot in HDR mode I get nothing on the display if I press "media" or if I go to "video" via the menu. Anyone got any ideas? I've tried reflashing the HD and going through the process again.

I'm on the latest modded firmware on both - should I try an earlier one? Perhaps the BootHDR root is an outdated one now (the appropriate forum hasn't been updated for over a year so I posted here)?

Any suggestions welcome! I'm hoping it's something really simple and I have only failed in my Google skills :)


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NB: I think this is in the wrong forum and should be under the freeview boxes. I've responded as if to a freeview box question.

Have you decrypted the recordings on the HDR? If you don't do that then you won't be able to play them on the HD via Foxlink, only via DLNA (Blue->Network->...)
BootHDR isn't needed for this.

To set up automatic recursive decryption, use the web interface on the HDR, browse media and go up one level so you can see My Video in the list. Click OPT+ next to that and choose recursive auto decrypt.

You'll need to give it some time to run through any existing recordings and remove encryption.

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Just got an HDR and an HD.

As per af123's reply, do you mean Foxsat-HD/HDR or HD/HDR-FOX T2? If the former, none of what you wrote is relevant. If the latter, this topic should be relocated to the HD/HDR-FOX custom firmware section (it is currently posted in the Foxsat-HD section).

Presuming HDR-FOX T2 and HD-FOX T2, all you need to do is enable content sharing on the HDR-FOX (Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Setting >> Content Sharing = On), give it time to get organised, and then with both units connected to the home network (being able to bring up the TV Portal is a good test) Media >> Storage (blue) >> Network on the HD-FOX should list "HDR-FOX" (and any other DLNA servers you may have) and any recorded content within it. No customisation required.

Using the custom firmware to provide file-sharing access from the HDR-FOX to the HD-FOX using foxlink or network-shares-automount might not be what you want - your daughter will not only be able to play recordings, she will have full delete and move access too.

For more info, read up in the links below - particularly Things Every... (click) section 5.


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I'm really sorry - I meant to post this in the HD-FOX T2 forum - all these boxes' names are too similar!!!!! If someone can move the thread I'd appreciate it.

Yes, I have an HDR FOX-T2 and its little brother the HD-FOX T2 - both Freeview boxes.

I'm happy for my daughter to have delete access etc - she's quite trustworthy and there's nothing essential recorded on the HDR. The network playback system works but there's a lot of menus to go through and you don't get much info on the recordings so she knows which episode of which series she's choosing. Resume play would be useful too. I've read through the Things... thread but I didn't see anything about the recursive decryption trick - should it perhaps be bullet pointed?. I've enabled that and some recordings are now working though others still say they're unavailable. I think it's a combination of it working its way through the files and some funny business. We only got the box on Saturday though so I can delete the recordings that aren't playing ball easily enough and start with a clean slate.

Can I establish - if I'm using Foxlink, can I only play back SD recordings? That's not a problem as I'll just make sure my daughter records the likes of The Voice in SD - she's only got an old CRT in her room anyway.

Thanks for all the help and effort from those who have coded these mods. Once it's up and running it's a great solution for my household.

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Things Every... section 5 links through to THIS (click) - see method 2. Auto-decrypt will need time to process everything.

You can play StDef and HiDef by network mount, as long as everything is decrypted. If you use the greater flexibility of network-shares-automount instead of foxlink, you can restrict network access to a specific folder in the HDR-FOX if you wish. See HERE (click).


Foxlink works very well, and fine for SD or HD recordings - originally tried a media player and raspberry Pi I had before buying the HD. The HD will play either OK and if connected to the CRT will just downscale, butwith the better HD picture quality - Main TV is still 32" SD resolution panel and the HD channels are still obviously better than normal ones.

We have the same setup HD upstairs, HDR on main tv. Once a program is decrypted then it can be played on the HD and you have the same control over it as you were sitting controlling the HDR. If you can't wait or it to pickup and decrypt have connected to web interface via phone before now and triggered decryption then started watching...