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noob to the T2

Discussion in 'HD-FOX T2 Freeview Receiver' started by cypher007, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. cypher007

    cypher007 New Member

    just got a box this week, with the intention to record HD to a 2.5" hdd and then transfering the recordings to my HTPC. well after firmware updating and preping a drive i thought the setup worked well, until i discovered via this forum and google, that the recordings are useless as there encrypted.

    so is it worth me continuing with the box in the hope some modded firmware is released to allow me to record programs unhindered or at least transfer them via a share to my htpc without encryption. or should i start looking elesewhere for a PVR?

    yes i know i could probably put the hdr firmware tweak on, but im not a linux guru and like win7.

    p.s. does anyone know if the new dvb-t2 pc tuners encrypt HD broadcasts?
  2. Wallace

    Wallace Slightly Pickled

    You do not need to be a Linux guru to install the custom firmware and/or relevant packages. I am certainly NOT and having installed the said custom firmware, can now happily download HiDef & SD recordings to my PC and they are decrypted on-the-fly.
    They play beutifully on my PC using Splash Player (my player of choice). BTW, I have Windows7 64bit.

    Take a look at the WiKi at the top of this page. It's full of useful info to guide you. If you need help you can always ask.

  3. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    Wallace, not wanting to throw a spanner in the works but I do want to check my understanding. I didn't think there was any way to decrypt on the fly with the HD-FOX, so do you mean you are running in HDR-FOX mode when you decrypt?

    Cypher007: Beyond that, I can confirm you do not need to be a Linux guru - others have beaten the path for you and all you need to do is follow the instructions.
  4. Wallace

    Wallace Slightly Pickled

    Poo, I've done it again! I thought I was in the HDR thread. Yes, I was referring to the HDR-T2 not the HD-T2.

    I think I need to set my forum signature with a big red SORRY in it. It will save me from typing it in every other post I make. I don't do it on purpose. It's just my eagerness to help!
  5. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    OK, well that might change Cypher's mind.

    In summary, to the best of my knowledge the only thing you can do with recordings from an unmodified HD-FOX is play them back on the machine they were recorded on. The work-around involves booting it with HDR-FOX code so that you can use the exploits that have been developed for the HDR-FOX T2 to obtain decrypted files (which in the case of StDef is not too much of an exploit because the facility is in the basic functionality). The reason the HD-FOX can't do it is because the recording function is not part of its core features in the first place.

    Can't say about other DVB-T2 receivers/recorders, but the requirement to protect content is part of the industry agreement. It is more a question of how much work has been done to get around the restrictions, and whether there is a back door in the first place. Your situation would be easier with an HDR-FOX T2, but it is not impossible with a HD-FOX T2 and the BYTs (see info in the HDR-FOX T2 section of the forum) are making it easier as a developing process.

    Even after you have decrypted HiDef files exported to your HTPC, you still need something to play them reliably and Splash Player seems to be all there is at the moment. When I was looking into setting up a media PC a year ago there was no hardware support for DVB-T2. I expect that has changed now though, so wouldn't you be better off installing a tuner in your PC and recording from there?
  6. cypher007

    cypher007 New Member

    ok sounds like im gonna have to take the tunner back then. shame its really easy to use, compared with turning on a pc and faffing about with a buggy tunner front end.

    i use media player home cinema, coreavc and ffdshow, which seems to play anything.

    the hdr was my first choice, but im not paying £250 for one. it would be cheaper to have SKY for a year and then get a readily available dvb-s2 card for the pc.

    to be honest i think Humax are charging way over the top for a PVR. drives have come down in price a huge amount.

    one thing that puzzles me is, why cant the section of code that enables the ENC flag be disabled?

    also are there any other PVR's out there that dont encrypt or at least have modded firmware to bypass such encryption.

    i have downloaded some programs using torrent sites, and there usually available in HD, im wondering what there using to record these?

    laststly thank you for the replies.
  7. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    I have heard ffdshow mentioned in dispatches, can't recall whether that plays HiDef or not.

    IIRC the FOX-SAT could be a satisfactory alternative for you - I believe it records in the clear if you select non-Freesat mode (or something - I'm no expert).

    As far as I know nobody's done any reverse-engineering to avoid any legal issues. The Enc flag doesn't drive the encryption - the encryption is automatic in hardware. The Enc flag just tells the HDR-FOX T2 whether it is allowed to decrypt the file when being copied out to USB. We have control of the Enc flag if we want it, but the HD-FOX doesn't have any of the copying or server functionality that could make use of it. We are able to boot the HD-FOX in HDR-mode (by trickery) - which gives all the decrypting functionality temporarily - and then a reboot restores the HD code so the box "works".

    No idea. Like I said, content protection is part of the industry agreement for FreeviewHD. Satellite is less well regulated I think.

    See above.

    Glad to be of service [sound of sliding door closing]
  8. leicray

    leicray Member

    As I understand it, both SD and HD recordings are encrypted by the HD-FOX T2. However I'm struggling to understand, whether booting into HDR mode should decrypt both the SD and HD recordings when they are downloaded using the option on the OPT+ button in webin. Downloaded SD files appear still to remain encrypted. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just the way it is? Not had the opportunity to try HD yet as the final changeover at the Waltham transmitter is not until Wednesday.
  9. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    The OPT+ download button on the WebIF does things a little differently from the OPT+ copy operation with the remote control handset.

    I don't know whether running HDR mode makes the normal user interface work, but assuming it does then using the OPT+ copy to USB will provide a decrypted copy of StDef straight off, and a decrypted copy of HiDef if the relevant .hmt file has been Foxy'd first.

    Using the WebIF download option leverages the DLNA server to do the decrypting. StDef recordings should download decrypted no problem, HiDef need to have a selection of parameters "corrected" in the database first so that the Humax doesn't decide to protect the DLNA transfer by yet another protection mechanism. In order to do that you have to have AutoUnprotect running (and given time to find all the flags and put them right).
  10. leicray

    leicray Member

    Thanks, Black Hole.

    I'm using the OPT+ download button on WebIF but the downloaded file is still encrypted: I cannot play it in VLC or edit it with VideoReDo. That suggests that something is still wrong. Would the decryption step (as opposed to the download) fail if the DLNA server was not running? I ask because I can find no way to check if the DLNA server is running or not. How do I check this? Is VLC a DLNA receiver?

    I'll try the OPT+ with the remote control.

    Perhaps others might like to comment too.
  11. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    VLC can't negotiate DLNA, but if you pick up the mediaID URL somehow (see HERE) you can paste it into the Media... Open Network Stream address box in VLC.

    I'm out of my depth with your problem, not being a regular HD-FOX user. I have to keep reminding myself that the only mass storage is what's connected to the USB, so to do a copy rather than a move means using a virtual drive within that storage...

    Let somebody more practiced on this take up the baton.
  12. leicray

    leicray Member

    I'll install UPnP Inspector on my PC to get the mediaID. I'll also set up a virtual disk on the USB HDD and see how that goes.

    Does anybody else want the baton?
  13. leicray

    leicray Member

    Okay, I have UPnP Inspector installed but cannot see the HD-FOX T2. The other media servers on my network all show up and I can wget content from them using URLs displayed in UPnP Inspector. The instructions say:

    Turn on Humax Streaming with Menu >> Settings >> System >> Internet Settings >> Content share = ON

    However, there is no such option on my menu system. The only options on the Internet Setting menu are for "Configure Wi-Fi" and "Configure LAN". I am running the modified current firmware.

    Any ideas, anyone?
  14. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    The HD-FOX T2 does not have the content share feature. The instructions that you quote refer to the HDR-FOX T2 which does.
  15. Black Hole

    Black Hole May contain traces of nut

    ...yeah, but I think he's booted to HDR mode. Doesn't it work in HDR mode?
  16. leicray

    leicray Member

    Thanks brian.

    I'd reckoned that that had to be the explanation. So, I've installed virtual-disk instead but I cannot figure out how to copy content to the virtual disk. I can select a file, and using the OPT+ key on the remote control try to copy the file to the virtual disk. The "red button" prompt in the dialogue changes to copy when I select the virtual disk. When I press the red button on the remote control, the message "The file has been added for move." appears momentarily on the screen, but nothing seems to happen subsequently. No file is copied (or moved).

    I'm probably missing something very obvious, but cannot see what.
  17. leicray

    leicray Member

    It appears to make no difference whether I'm booted into the HD or HDR mode.
  18. Drutt

    Drutt Active Member

    Afraid not - even when running the HDR code on the HD, I've not yet managed to get the media server to work (I suspect because it is looking to share the contents of the internal drive which doesn't exist). Because of this the options in the webif to download and decrypt do not work in either normal or "HDR mode".
    However, just to re-iterate what Black Hole has said, on the HD it is possible to decrypt recordings (both SD, and HD), but only by running the HDR executable, and making a copy of the recording (either back to the main drive, or to a network mounted share). A bit of a faff to set up at the moment (details at http://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Decrypt_recordings_on_the_HD-FOX_T2), but not too painful once up and running. I'm hoping to streamline the installation process into a nice easy package when I get some spare time!

  19. Brian

    Brian Administrator Staff Member

    That sounds like the correct procedure but the HD box does not decrypt files in this way. You can see the contents of the virtual disk via the web interface.
  20. Drutt

    Drutt Active Member

    First question is are you running the HDR code? The virtual disk doesn't seem to be writable in HD mode (and you get the behaviour you've described above). It would be a waste of time even if it did copy as the file would not be decrypted. In fact on the HD (running in HDR mode) its not even needed, as the usb drive appears as an extra volume called "drive1" and you can copy straight to that.