Noobie quick question


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Hi all,

I've just recently discovered the seemingly wonderful world of Humax, after spending 2 years paying sky €25 a month just to have their basic service & make use of the sky + box. What a colossal waste of money!

Anyway, here's my question. I have a Panasonic tv with built in freesat receiver hooked up to my satelite dish. I also have an aerial that is capable of picking up the freeview channels, but as of now no freeview receiver. Which Humax box would you recommend getting for dvr purposes, the freesat or freeview one? Does it matter? Would the best thing be to bypass my own freesat receiver & just use the one in the Humax one?

Thanks guys!
If you are interested in modding, the HDR-FOX definitely offers the best prospects. The FoxsatHDR has its own mods, but are limited by the cooperation of the box. If you are happy to use it as a PVR with no interest in moving files around or remote control etc etc, you pay your money and take your choice.

My "Things Every..." and Custom Firmware links (below) will give you an idea.