Now you can buy one

I'm going to wait for the 1TB model. I'm warming to the design now even without a front display which was my main niggle.
I have just ordered one. As an ex 9200T owner I will be interested to see how it compares! And to my current Sony SVRHDT500B (less said about that the better).
Stock now appears to be getting to Argos.
Judging by a random sample, a small majority of Argos stores are now showing a single 2000T in each store.

According to today's Humax promotional email it has
the same functionality as the Freeview HDR-FoxT2 but in a smaller form factor and with the front display removed to reduce cost
Saves complaints about it being too dim / too bright / wrong colour / annoying scrolling...

Personally I think the idea of not having a display at all is a bad one. As to form factor, again I see no problem with the existing.
So it's an HDR-FoxT2 without the display. In which case Humax must think the Fox is 'good enough' (and means we don't have to replace them any time soon :) )
This new model was on the shelf at Currys/PC World on Wednesday but with no price ticket and next to the FoxT2 on clearance at £179.99.

I agree with BH re having no display, particularly when using the radio through an amp with TV off.
It is also apparently hard to tell whether the new box is in standby or awake and recording. Both states set the single LED to red and it is only just dimmer in standby. (gleaned from a thread over on
2000T has arrived, initial impressions very good. :)

One strange thing, volume control appears to have no effect on HD channels !?
You need to select stereo rather than multi-channel sound in the menus, If it's the same as the HFOX-T2 it will be here :- Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Audio >> Digital Audio Output = Stereo
That's O.K., the Humax is actually changing the volume in both multi-channel and stereo modes but some TVs can only handle the volume change in stereo mode, other TVs including my 4 year old Samsung work in both modes
Yes, I agree, with my old Philips TV I had to set the sound output on the Humax to stereo to hear anything on HD channels. With my new Samsung TV, it doesn't matter.
Ah, there's nothing like standards.
And with HDMI there does indeed seem to be nothing like a standard :mad:
In this case I don't think we can level the blame on HDMI (for a change). From what we have gleaned by collective experience, it is to do with how well the TVs implement the surround sound decoding.

It seems that with the "multichannel" setting (and a HiDef output) the Humax passes on or recreates an encoded audio stream (Dolby? AAC?), which (it seems) sends the volume as data so that the waveform data can be encoded at full resolution (and therefore use fewer data bits per channel). This might have been a change to the specification.

If the surround sound decoder in the TV (regardless of whether it has surround sound, it still has to decode stereo out of the surround sound data stream) only decodes the waveform data and fails to recognise the volume data packets, sending multichannel audio to the TV will result in a constant volume signal.

This is all hypothesis you understand. In any case, as we have said many times before, for best quality it is better to send the sound at max level from the source and control the level at the final point (ie use the TV volume control, not the Humax).

(Edited in the light of post 21)
Well, yes and no. I'm pretty sure surround sound was extant before HDMI appeared and therefore it seems the HDMI specs should have taken account of this and supported it.
I'm sure there are all sorts of reasons for it not doing so, but for such an important consumer interface to apparently have so many kinks or 'interpretable' parts in it looks like very poor organization.

(Our Fox actually works fine with our Panasonic TV (so far) except on start-up when the TV flicks and changes source 3 or 4 times over 15 seconds before finally settling on the Humax and being watchable. WTF? It seems much akin to DVD and Bluray drives taking ages to work out what kind of disc they've got and start using it. Again, WTF? These are systems that run at humungous data speeds, so why on earth does it take so long to say "Hello, I'm an xyz"?)