Occasional freezes for about a minute


New Member
I've noticed an occasional glitch on my DTR-T1000 and wonder if anyone else has found the same thing.

Here is the scenario: after watching a recorded programme, I press the Stop key to return to the 'MyView' screen. I then immediately press the Delete key to delete the recording.

Occasionally, at that moment the box will then appear to freeze, not responding to any button presses on the remote. After maybe half a minute to a minute it suddenly springs back into life again and carries on working perfectly.

It's as if some task has hogged the processor at 100% for that time, hence it not responding to user inputs.

Most times I can delete a watched (or unwatched) programme with no problem, so why it happens occasionally I don't know. Maybe it's some particular sequence or timing of key presses that causes this.

Has anyone else observed the same thing?