Occasional TV loss with green screen


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I have a new (Xmas present) HDR-FOX T2, and my son has set it up for me. We find that when watching TV through it, it occasionally loses picture and sound, leaving a green screen. This flickers to be replaced by a dark screen with the Humax logo on it. Some script in the bottom left of the screen shows "ver a7.34" . The picture returns after say 30 seconds....a real pain.
I found this site online and you guys look like you know what you are doing. Any ideas? Please keep replies simple....I am so out of my element with this stuff.
Many thanks.

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Your box is rebooting for some reason. I would take it up with the supplier, and if you get no satisfaction there Humax Support. If you register with the Humax Support web site, your 1 year warranty will be extended to two years (the details are in the paperwork).