Odd DNLA sharing problem


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I'm trying to share media from a Windows 7 PC to a HDRFOX-T2.

I've searched the web for info on how to set up the sharing on the PC.
It seems that the technique is different for WMP12 when compared to earlier version.

From what I've read on Windows 7 you go into WMP and pull down the "Stream" menu, then make sure "Automatically allow devices to play my media" is ticked.

My problem is that the "Stream" menu on my Windows 7 PC does not have that option in the menu.

Any thoughts?
All the tutorials I've found refer to ticking this option.
i use TVersity when streaming to the humax

in windows media player goto stream. can you see "more streaming option" ?
from there you can navigate to network and sharing centre, or you could start control panel to get to network and sharing centre that way (change advanced sharing settings)

cycle through the options and make sure anything to do with sharing ie network discovery is on

you will also need to share the file you want to stream

open where the file is
right click file
share with
specific people
from the drop down box left click everyone
left click share

it may still not stream due to humax codex

that is why i mentioned TVersity