Odd schedule recording behaviour for F1 Ch4 HD yesterday (Sun.2nd Sep.2022)

I have two of my Humax units (H2 & H4) set to series record Formula 1.
However yesterday this did not happen properly (has been fine this year and earlier).

I noticed my H4 unit came out of standby (to half awake state) about 19min before its schedule recording time at 18:30 (this is expected).
However, later at about 18:41 I noticed my unit in standby!
I powered it up, set it to LCN:104 and manually recorded F1 (which will now save in media root).
I looked at its series folder (F1 Grand Prix 2022) and found a 10.49MiB file, that will not play, says less than 30sec).
I checked the other Humax unit (H1) and found it was not recording (it already fully on).
Same thing, I set to manually record LCN:104, and checking WebIf I found a similar file (10.9MiB).

I looked at some logs but not sure which to looks at.
Odd though that this occurred on both units.
Can a broadcaster "accidentally" send an end of program signal?

Anyone have this experience or any idea what may have gone wrong?
Can a broadcaster "accidentally" send an end of program signal?
There is no end-of-programme indicator as such, the "end marker" is the next programme's CRID... consequently, if a different CRID gets emitted, that will terminate an AR recording.
Both my machines recorded Sat (92min) and Sun (153 min) OK. both starting with the leading logo. Both set to AR, Winter Hill transmitter.
Humax crashed during Grand Designs on C4, rescheduled on C4+1 but only recorded 3 minutes (end of preceding programme) 😭
Today's Countdown failed despite set as Padding (Tues & Wed worked fine as padded)
The programme details are from Steph's Packed Lunch, the Countdown EPG schedule is 14:10-15:00 and the disk was nowhere near full - I have 95GiB free
I am baffled to what the problem is and why it only affecting C4 recordings

The short Grand Designs from yesterday had no failure indication
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Grand Designs SD was recording OK until Humax hung! 😢
It seemed straightforward when it seemed that F1 problems were a common problem, now I seem to be suffering problems that cant easily be explained by broadcaster errors
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