odd sound


If you plug your humax hdr fox t2 into a monitor to carry the audio through the hdmi cable
and mute the humax then turn up the monitor volume do you hear anything?
Using 2 here I do and its very irritating... or is it just my boxes?
Anyone else hear anything?


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Give us a clue. What are you hearing? And why would you want to do what you are doing anyway? Or is it just a case of 'because I can'?


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I guess he's complaining of crosstalk somewhere and that's a way of hearing it more easily.

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How can the HDMI source be to blame for what you hear at the HDMI destination, when the source is sending no sound data?


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I wonder if the OP tried disconnecting the HDMI cable and repeating the test ? Additionally is it a monitor or a TV (with it's own tuners) ?


Yes, I have just tried.
With the Humax connected via HDMI to a Samsung TV, Humax audio muted and the volume set to maximum on the TV all I get is silence, as expected.