Ode to the 'Arms (Tongue in cheek!)


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The 'Arms is the place to go
If you want some quality info
Construct a PC
Explain the apostrophe
Replies come in quick, not slow.

The members are diverse
Easy with whom to converse
Not all agree with the replies
Which leads to fractious sighs
Plus the occasional curse.

There's member Black Hole
Who thinks he's top of the pole
With an attitude like that
You'd think he's a prat
But he's not a bad bloke on the whole.

There's Trev, who makes out he's dumb
Types on the keyboard with his thumb
His spelling is suspect
But he earns our respect
By not being phased or glum.

Prpr and EP, initials abound
Dare to go 15 rounds
Swordsmen elite
Not averse to heat
Usually come up with something profound.

Mike0001,MikeSh & EEPhil, the profs
For whom caps we must doff
They care to debate
With words that add weight
At which we shouldn't scoff.

Af123, Guru Supreme
We bow to you in the extreme
Your skills are unmatched
Advice with no strings attached
Surely a knighthood from the team?

Me? Described as 'clueless' but fear not
I care not a jot
For I sit here reaping the knowledge
I couldn't get in college
That you lot have got.

For those I didn't mention
It was not my intention
To exclude you from this rhyme
If it's any consolation
To ease your frustration
Add a verse on your time!

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Never inclined to show reticence,
And always observing due diligence,
I rose to the game -
But much to my shame,
I couldn't find a last line that rhymed properly.
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I admire a guy
Who has a try
To get his words to rhyme
I am sincere
And if you look here
You'll get it right next time!