Official 1.02.27 beta f/w and 2.10 custom f/w USB HDD Problem


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When I upgraded my Fox HD T2 to the official 1.02.27 beta firmware and then installed the custom 2.10 firmware on top all was good except for USB HDD access. Quite often when switching the Humax box on from cold (or from standby) the USB drive would not be detected and hence the custom firmware would not run. When the drive was detected the custom firmware would load and everything was fine. But HDD detection is very hit and miss.

This never used to happen with the official 1.02.20 firmware with custom 2.00 firmware I had previously installed. I decided to revert back to this setup and my USB HDD is now being correctly recognised everytime and the custom firmware is all good. So I don't think there is a lack of power issue for the Western Digital Passport 80GB drive I am using.

I just thought I would raise this as an issue in case anyone else is having a similar problem.