Ok so I'm confused !


Ok so -

I removed the drive - deleted all partitions with gparted then recreated all 3 with slightly different sizes.
Partition/reformat done by gparted from the partitionmagic utility set on a laptop.
Reformatted 3 partitions as EXT3 and stuck the drive back in the Humax box.
And it displayed 2 zero minute recordings from prior to dirve repartitioning.
Where does it get the recording data from? And why just those 2 from many?
Does it keep some recording data in flash?



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Surely you're not expecting recordings to still be present after re-partitioning and re-formatting? If so, I suspect that you will be out of luck. You will have cleaned up your disk nicely and have plenty of space on it, but no old recordings.


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No, I think he's saying why are there any at all? And given that there were lots of recording previously then why are two in particular appearing rather than all or none?