Old content on new box (HDR-FOX T2 to HDR-FOX T2) no decryption


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Hello all,

I have a bit of issue that I haven't found a ideal solution for yet.

My HDR-FOX T2 went U/S the other day. It was long out of warranty, so I popped the lid and concluded that the PSU was duff. I wipped out the HDD and put to one side hoping to recover the content later.

Went to Argos yesterday and got a brand new HDR-FOX T2 unit for £161 (they sell the unit under the wrong model number for £179 & were running a 10% off offer for smart TV boxes [code SMART10] - get one now if you want a deal).

I've not embraced the custom firmware previously [my new box is v1.03.06 so not keen to go down that route yet], and only became aware of the encryption issue today.

So, my problem. I have a HDD (which works fine in my SATA -> USB enclosure) chock full of SD & HD content that I can't copy over to my new box and play as all files are encrypted with a key from the old box. My little boy is going to be upset when he can't watch the Gruffalo...

I'm assuming the 'Foxy' trick won't work for me as the decryption process will not have the right key again. I'm going to try though.

Feeling like a bit of a tool, as I've never bothered backing up, but I can't be the first person this has happened to.
Can anyone suggest some solutions?

I've been looking for a way to decrypt the files on the PC, and then send back to the new box - but it seems to be a bit of a dead end as every ust uses the export & foxy method usually. I'm stuck in diaster recover!

Many thanks
We did, but seeing as there was a bit of a deal going on new boxes (so 2 years warranty) - first instinct was to get a new box and get us back up and running. It's only now that I appreciate the deeper features of the box & the constraints around that.

I've seen one PSU listed on Ebay for about £34 - couldn't see many others listed elsewhere.
Unfortunately, unless you can get the old box back up and running the recordings can't be decrypted.
Poop - suspected as much. Thanks for the response though.

Kind of surprised that a decrypt method hasn't been produced by someone who has suffered from disaster recovery like me.
I don't know how that could be done. There is no way to derive the necessary encryption keys - and they're stored in a hardware security module so can't be extracted.
If your conclusion about the PSU being bust is correct (based on what evidence?), then why don't you take the PSU out of the new unit and put it in the old unit? Then you can install the CF and decrypt the files on the old disk in the old unit. Then you can move everything to the new unit.
If you do decide to fit the new PSU into the old Humax, I would think your main concern would be invalidating the warranty of the new uint, It has been reported that a hair dryer can be used to melt the glue on the Warranty label, making it re-usable when cooled, it's worth a try