One For All remote and Humax TV Portal - won't learn


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Hi. New to the forum - so apologies if I missed this in my searching...

I have a FOX HDR T2 and a new One for All Smart Motion remote. I want to programme the WWW button on the remote to open the TV Portal on the Hummy. It didn't work as standard with the smart set up - and i've tried learning it - but that's not working either. I've successfully 'learnt' it the Media list on the Hummy (assigned to the MCE - media centre - remote button) so I know i'm doing it correctly...

Ideas welcomed.
No, you've not missed any existing content on this particular subject (although we do have a universal handsets topic in the 'Arms:

The TV Portal button emits a single code just like the other buttons, so there should be no reason you can't program it if the handset is capable of being programmed in that way. Custom firmware can be configured to let you observe and inject RC inputs through the web interface.