opkg repositories


I have a FOXSAT-HDR, running Raydon's firmware. This includes the opkg package manager, pointing to the repository at hpkg.tv/foxsat in opkg.conf.

I notice that there are more packages designed for the HD(R) FOX T2. Will there be problems if I change the default repository to this site in order to install packages such as nugget? I appreciate that some of the packages may not be compatible.

Also, the standard installation doesn't include many linux commands such as lshw. How do I install packages such as this with opkg?

Thanks for your help.
You can't just install packages designed for HDR-FOX CF into the Foxsat-HDR CF and expect to get away with it, even if the installer works. There will be tears. nugget, in particular, taps into the inner workings of the HDR-FOX and absolutely will not work on Foxsat.

There is some similarity between the two CFs, but there is a lot of porting required before a facility on one can be made to work on the other. All the basic stuff is already done. Also, the Foxsat is a lot less powerful and has less RAM etc than the HDR-FOX (presuming the HDR-FOX can be described as "powerful"!).

However, if you feel you have some expertise to offer, the current custodian (in Raydon's absence) MofTot has declared himself moving on to pastures new.
Sadly, my expertise is very limited. Am I correct in thinking from your post that nobody is actively adding to the FOXSAT-HDR repository?
I believe that is the case, but I stand to be corrected. Certainly in the past, some development has gone on away from the public gaze, by persons unfamiliar on the forum, and only been announced once ready to roll.

We are in a slightly stronger position with the HDR-FOX CF, with several capable interested parties, but our prime mover has been unavailable so even with interest we are unable to update key resources.
None of the FOXSAT packages which have compiled executables will work on the HDR-FOX and vice-versa. The FOXSAT uses a big endian processor whereas that in the HDR-FOX is little endian.