Options Pop-Up when an External Drive Is Connected

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The "what do you want to do?" on-screen pop-up offers four options (Video, Music, Photo, Copy; after first announcing "USB device loading" or words to that effect) when a drive or stick is plugged in to a USB port.

My experience (HDR-FOX and HD-FOX) is that this only happens when a drive is plugged in after the unit is up and running - in other words drives that are connected at the time of power up do not produce the pop-up (and I would regard it as very annoying if they did).

The curious thing is that other people report they get the pop-up even when their drive is plugged in at boot time.

So: how common is that, and what makes the difference?
I have left my little 320Gb hard drive plugged in for a few weeks and never get the pop-up on the screen on start-up.
I do if i unplug in then re-plug it back in but never on startup.
The only issue i have is that it takes around 10 seconds longer to boot the box, but i assume its waiting for the drive to spin up, then checking for an firmware update file before going on to boot and in any case its still about 30 seconds faster than my 2 youview boxes lol
My HD-FOX always produces the pop-up when coming out of standby. However, I do not find this even slightly annoying, I guess I must be very tolerant!
Maybe this is dependant on how long it take for the USB device to be 'seen', if for some reason it appears some time after power-up that would cause it. I have had a 30Gig 1.8 inch USB powered HDD permanently connected to the Humax for months and it never forces a pop-up, unless it is unplugged
My thinking also. Perhaps "problem" drives are particularly slow to power up and announce themselves to the USB.
I set up a virtual drive and I always get the popup message now. I never got this before with my external drive connected.
I set up a virtual drive and I always get the popup message now. I never got this before with my external drive connected.

I think this is because Virtual-disk2 'plugs itself in' after the Humax wakes up, so it mimics a real USB device being plugged in after power-up
I agree. Just thought I would mention it given the discussion. No big deal in any case. :)

Not to us, maybe, but it is yet another thing to teach the family about. (ie, what to do to remove the popup.) It would be better if no popup ever appeared. If you want to change volumes, the mechanism is there in the Media section.