OTA Update Time - When Exactly?


4.30 a.m. seems to be the set time mentioned for OTA update on everything I've read on here but my Hummy starts up at 2.00 a.m. and chunters on till 4.20 a.m. I was originally looking for how to turn it off as it is in my bedroom but apparently that isn't possible but can I adjust it or am I stuck with it?

Check Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time >> Power On Timer and Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time >> Power Off Timer. Check Guide >> Schedule (yellow) and scan down the list looking for entries which correlate.

Do you have custom firmware installed? Use the WebIF Scheduled Events browser to check the schedule, as it shows all timer events not just recordings/reminders.

As a last resort, run Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default. This will wipe all our settings back to out-of-the-box, requiring the tuning to be set up again and your recording schedule to be reprogrammed, but won't delete your existing recordings.
I don't have custom firmware installed. I'm running Version 1.02.28.

I do have the Power Off Timer set to 2.00 a.m. but nothing Scheduled to start at that time. So how long does the OTA update normally take?
If you just have a power off timer set without a corresponding power on timer, then it can cause problems like you're experiencing. The timers can become switched such that the box wakes up at 2 if it's off or it can end up stuck in a half-awake mode.

If you remove the power off timer then it should only wake up at 04:30-ish for the OTA. This can be stopped too if you install the custom firmware.
I do have the Power On set as well to 19.00 but maybe I should take them both off if you think this is causing it.