OTA Updates coming up...


I haven't seen this in a thread but sorry if I missed it.... they are going to repeat this OTA update again it seems... so watch out ... sadly it hasn#t been changed to a newer version and fix the EPG :-(

Repeat Downloads for the HDR-FOX T2

Model: HDR-FOX T2
Software Version: FHTCP 1.03.12
System ID: 80BC.7E00
Update Date: 07 FEB 2014 (as will appear in the System Information menu)

Release Notes
  • TV Portal upgrade
  • BBC iPlayer Version 3 (now supports subtitles)
  • Supports BBC News & Sports Apps (to be released March 2014)
  • Improved WiFi connection reliability
  • Improved EPG FIND results
  • Resolved recordings failures (using Padding) when in standby for over 8 days
  • Resolved BBC Three HD and Four HD recording issues
All these fantastic improvements will take place automatically if your HDR-FOX T2 is left in standby mode overnight.
The Over Air Download (OAD) has been booked for the following dates during May:

07/05/2014 @2am
End: 12/05/2014 @9am

Start: 14/05/2014 @2am
End: 16/05/2014 @9am

Start: 19/05/2014 @2am
End: 21/05/2014 @9am
so theres def no fix for the epg problem then?? anyone know if they plan to, it is a major problem with the units useability, obviously i could roll back but lose the bbc4 hd recordings