OTA updates


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New member with a new (to me) HD-Fox - I wish I'd purchased one ages ago

It's running KZTFT 1.02.29 showing an update date of 5 July 2012 - it's only been plugged in since yesterday, will it find the OTA and install it without my intervention ?

I wonder why it didnt find it last night ?

Looking at the dtg.org site I see there's one currently running for version 1.03.12



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ah, indeed yes you are right - is there any point me awaiting for one for the HD to be broadcast ?

perhaps it's quicker/easier to download and manually update ?

I'm in no hurry to do the update, the box appears to be working well - other than rebooting when trying to open a prog using iPlayer - am I correct to say that there are newer official releases available for the HD which can be installed via USB ?

Ezra Pound

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I'm afraid KZTFT 1.02.29 is the latest version as fas as I know, there is a Beta Firmware download site HERE, but as you can see the latest version is KZTFT 1.02.29. Humax have stopped adding to this list for all products, but have produced 3 further versions for HDR-Fox t2 only i.e. 1.03.06, 1.03.11 and 1.03.12


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There is no later version available, I'm afraid. 1.02.29 is the latest version that can be downloaded for the HD-FOX: see the wiki for links. 1.02.32 was installed on some machines sold by Humax direct but this was not given a general release: this version is similar to 1.02.29, but with some tuning improvements. It is not known yet if Humax are planning to release a 1.03.xx version for the HD-FOX.
There is a custom firmware version of 1.02.29 which has extra features: take look at the wiki for info and a download link.