Output from T2 only in SD


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I'm wondering if my T2 has had its day. All was fine until a few days ago and then I noticed that everything coming out of the box was in SD. Even though the on screen info of the Humax shows 1080p on a HD channel, the TV info shows 720x576. I've checked signal strength on both the main menus and the secret menu and all seems ok - and am pretty sure it isn't the tuners as the OSD quality is also really ragged. Also, playing back HD recordings that previously played correctly now play back in SD.

I've checked the physical cables - coax straight into TV is is ok and TV shows HD, swapped the HDMI for one that works fine for another TV but still not improvement. I'm running custom firmware (and have for years).

So, I'm thinking it might be the HDMI output that's had it? Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Apologies in advance if I've posted in the wrong place or missed useful information.




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What on-screen info? That's probably just the received resolution. What happens if you cycle through output video modes with the VFORMAT button?
So, this is almost the most embarrassing thing ever. I've been trying different things for days and it was that. Thanks you so much - I was on the verge of buying a new one. I owe you a pint. Thanks (bloody cats/kids).