Outputting MP4 from VideoRedo With Transport Control

Black Hole

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After discussion about what does and does not play back on an HDR-FOX with full transport control (FF/RW/skip/scroll*; if stripped of its sidecar files a .ts won't), Raydon came up with the following:
Just had a play. If you save VideoRedo output as H264 MP4 format, setting the 'Profile Options' audio encoding type to AAC you will get an mp4 that will play on your T2 with full transport controls.
Hint: If you check the 'Save as new profile' box you can then edit your modified profile name to something like 'HDR-FOX-T2 H264 MP4' and save it. It will then become available in the profile list for future use.

* FF / RW = fast-forward and rewind at x2, x4 etc; the handset >> and << buttons
* Skip forward and back (amount by user preference); the handset >>| and |<< buttons
* Scroll forward and back (as shown on the time-line); the handset > and < (cursor) buttons
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