Overnight Wake-up


I had an overnight wake-up set on the box (02:00-02:30) so that any remotely scheduled programs would get added to the schedule.

After the recent BST/GMT switch the wake up got confused so I had to delete it, I can't for the life of me remember how I set it.
Guide >> Schedule (yellow) >> New Reservation >> Repeat = Daily, Mode = Reminder

The wake-up wouldn't have got confused, it was you that got confused!
Tried that but it doesn't look the same as the original, this one has a channel next to it but the original just said wake-up.

Something went wrong as the wake-up was showing for today 02:00 but the shut off was showing for tomorrow at 02:30 so the box had been in standby since last night.

I think it may be linked to the GSM/BST switch as the box schedule is showing an hour difference between the Disable OTA time and the WebIF.

I understand af123 is aware of this and will work on it when he returns home.
It used to be possible to inject the equivalent of multiple Power On / Power Off timer events (Menu >> Settings >> Preferences >> Time) into the schedule via the RS, but these can lead to unreliable operation so I think they've been deprecated. It is not normally possible to see these events via Guide >> Schedule (they are suppressed by the Humax software). You can use the ...Time menu to set one on and one off event daily (but if you have one, you must have the other) - but I recommend you settle for a reminder event (even if it does look different). Use a non-broadcast service for it (such as 200).
Ah I see.

Yes it did have 2 events, "wake up" and "sleep".

I'll leave it as a reminder then.

Many thanks BH for your help with this.