Package called multiple


I have a entry in my upgrade display of a package called "multiple"
I can't see what that is for (main or dependence)
perhaps I've missed it somewhere but could someone just confirm - is it a genuine package?
A Graphical User Interface error, in other words the Windows Web Interface display that presents the Custom Firmware screens to the user, in this case the Web-If >> Package Management >> Upgrades screen
That's very odd. Could you run the pkg-upgrades diagnostic and post the output? (You can run the diagnostic from the web interface diagnostics screen)
yes sure - FYI I did an upgrade about 45 minutes ago and after updating the package list
I had the update to webif - a few jim packages - but also a third line showing "Multiple" to install.
The third line went away after I upgraded the other packages just leaving the above 2 again.

I'll run the diag shortly. This box is on 1.02.32 with cf 2.21
So by the replies here - am I right in thinking there is no such package or dependency and can safely just ignore this?
Or maybe its something else entirely. A bug as suggested or maybe an attempted trojan attack? PVR boxes are wide open
and increasingly attractive as targets.
Perhaps if the cf source was searched using grep for instances of "multiple" and then the server - something might turn up.
(Given that third appearance when I updated it obviously wasnt a one off glitch)
af123 can obviously answer this more fully than I can, but, there is currently no package in the package list called Multiple, if you search through the entire text in the package list you will find :-
libmpc - 0.8.2 - multiple precision complex floating-point library
libmpfr - 3.0.0 - C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations with correct rounding.
These are the only two occurrences of the word Multiple, both in the description rather than the package name. This will no doubt turn out to just what af123 said it is i.e. a bug. It is very unlikely a trojan attack would announce it's presence to the user and unless you have forwarded ports on your router, it is also fairly unlikely anything could gain access to your Humax anyway
The Remote Scheduler can't gain access to your Humax, Your Humax gains access to the Remote Scheduler instead, the RS would not be able to get through your Router