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Question: what does mplayer offer on the Humax box? Does one use it to remote play onto a PC rather than downloading a copy and playing it locally?

At present, nothing much. I contains mencoder as well which can be used to convert files from one format to another (so can the ffmpeg package) but the Humax is really too slow to do that reasonably. I was a dependency for some media servers I was testing.


I don't think there's a way to use that one yet. I packaged it as a dependency for an iplayer download tool that I haven't finished yet (mainly because it requires perl and perl is proving incredibly difficult to cross compile).

I've successfully played .mkv files natively on my humax but mkv is just a container format that can contain any number of different formats within.

Link to Mplayer HERE, Note :- The Humax version may not support everything