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Package Management - Not showing any packages

I've just updated my HDR Fox T2 to the latest custom firmware but there's no packages showing. Clicking update from internet or available results in just a spinning waiting icon.

Checking the firewall/proxy server I can see requests going to the following, if I try this in a browser its showing as not available.



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Thanks, just to confirm this is the first time I've applied the custom firmware so it has not been run before. The hummypkg.org.uk IP address was what the proxy server was seeing going out onto the internet, and to be fair I'm not seeing any errors and all outbound traffic is allowed for the Humax IP address.

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"updated" in the original post confused us, "installed" would have been clearer.

Are you saying you succeeded in installing the main WebIF (the second stage of CF installation), but now there is nothing showing in Package Management?