Packages available on customised firmware


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I've just signed up so that I can post this message, but I have been browsing the site for quite a while and have found it very useful. Thanks to all the regular contributors.
I've fitted a 2GB disk into my Foxsat-HDR and have installed the excellent customised firmware.
When I looked at the wiki on this site I got excited about all the packages I would be able to use, but the package management page on my Humax only lists a small number of them as being available. Is that because the majority of the packages are only available for the HDR-Fox T2? Please could you make it clearer what packagaes are available for the different platforms.
I was particularly interested in the Nicesplice package that allows commercials etc. to be edited out. Is it possible for this to be made available on the Foxsat-HDR?
Thanks for your help.
Although the projects share some information, the customisation developments are completely separate for HD/HDR-FOX and Foxsat. The wiki on this web site is for HD/HDR-FOX only.

Custom firmware for the Foxsat is supported on HERE (click).