Parental control gone mad?



The parental control on my Humax Foxsat HDR seems completely mad and over the top. I get lots of warnings for "Acts of violence", Nudity etc in the oddest of programs. An example is the recordings of the Tour De France. I have to put the password in because of "Acts of violence", "Scenes of Sexual activity" and "Strong language"???. Anybody know why this is happening?
Hi Garry, I suspect you may have the Parental Guidance set to "All content" or "Guidance" ? Go to Menu > Settings > Parental control and check your setup, its easily changeable. Barring this did you set the "Age Limit" on your initial setup ? I don't have access to change that on my box now (it's greyed out) as i set it to 18+ or something when i first set up my Hummy. If all else fails you may have to do a Factory reset to change it back, but remember if you do a main reset you will lose your scheduled recordings (you wont lose anything you have already recorded).
Hope this helps, if not maybe one of the others here may be able to help

Thanks for that, I do need the Parental guidance on because I have teenage children (who would watch appalling rubbish on ITV2 like Peter Andre, next chapter, Jordan, Kerry Katona etc if I didn't control it) so I can't remove it. I'll try tweaking it as you suggest.