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Parental Control not working

Kit Bones

New Member
We've just bought a Humax Foxsat HD receiver from eBay. We are having problems setting the parental controls even after following closely the instructions in the manual. We set the Guidance Policy to 'Guidance Marked Content' but this makes no difference, there are no warnings on any channels for adult content. I noticed that the 'Age Limit' box in greyed out and presumed the previous owners settings were still on and decided to do a Factory Reset and start again. But the Parental Controls settings still won't work even when applied in the Settings menu as before. All programmes are still available without any warnings or PIN codes needed. Any advice please ? Thanks.


Well-Known Member
'Age Limit' is an unimplemented option. Don't understand why they even show it. All you can do is set the Adult Channels to 'Hidden'. You will only be prompted for a password if the broadcaster has flagged a program with the Guidance flag, in which case this Guide.png icon should appear in the EPG listing.

Kit Bones

New Member
Thanks for the reply. So there's no way we can control what our child watches? If I remember correctly our old Freeview box enabled us to set a PIN on any channel we chose.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
If the unit is exclusively for the use of the child, hide all the unsuitable channels. As far as I am concerned, the unsuitable channels are unsuitable for me too.