Paused live tv keeps jumping forward?


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I'm using a T1010.

If I pause live TV and then start to watch, say 20 minutes after the broadcast has started, I only get to watch a couple of minutes before it jumps forward to real time.

If I then rewind back to where I was I get another couple of minutes viewing and then it jumps forward to real time again.

This is really irritating. Last night I was watching one of those documentaties that keep re-using film clips anyway (I guess on the assumtion that I have the attention span of a gnat) and that combined with the frequent junping forwards and the inevitable rewinding backwards again made it almost impossible to follow what was going on.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Apparently it did an automatic software update a few weeks ago so I think the software is up to date.
It seems to be getting worse now. Watching somthing via the humax on 4OD last night it decided to pause itself for no reason. For a while I couldn't do anything then suddenly it let me fast forward manually but as soon as I pressed play again itent back to the place it had paused at and stayed paused. Not impressed!