Permanently deleting and I am technologically inept


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I have read lots of threads on here and other websites but none make sense to me at all. My box is permanently showing as deleting and all the threads talk about something to do with a telnet but I have no idea what that even means :((

Is anyone able to talk me through this in simple terms or should I just throw it in The Thames and buy a new one. Would be gutted to lose my recordings.

I can tell you I have software version 1.03.12.

Would really appreciate any advice as been sat here for 2 hours in tears

Thank you.


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Ok. Thanks prpr. I will find a USB. Don't think I can use USBs on my laptop though as work prevents me from downloading so need to find my old MacBook or get someone else to do it for me. Just been back through my emails and I had exactly the same issue in March 2012 and they replaced it. Bet if I call they say it is out of warranty.

Going with the two pronged approach. Getting a USB and a laptop to use it on and calling Humax.

Really appreciate your help.

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I hope you have it switched off, otherwise you are losing your recordings.

If you wish to save any of your recordings (whichever survive), you will need to use the custom firmware. The alternative is to reformat everything and start from scratch. If you decide to do that (it's only telly after all), just do Menu >> Settings >> Installation >> Factory Default, and choose the option to reformat the HDD. The system PIN is "0000" unless you changed it.

The custom firmware fix is described in the link below, it is written as thoroughly as I can and all you have to do is follow what it says very carefully (following any reference links).

Quick Guide to Disk Recovery (click)