Picasa Log In Problem


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I find I am unable to log into Picasa via the portal and keep getting "username or password incorrect" error. I can log in via the PC to Picasa web using my google email account but the Humax portal doesn't seem to like this.
Anyone got any suggestion or managed to log in themselves?
Yes I have loggged into Picasa on the Hummy. I do recall reading about password issues on here which were something to do with either the length of the password and how long it took to enter it in via the on screen entry and/or certain characters not being liked by the Hummy even though they were acceptable via a browser. Quick test of that would be a temporary change of password to something very simple with just plain characters and see if that works.
Thanks. I removed the numerical part of the password and it seems to be working now. (Note "Simple" is still at least 8 characters to meet Google password strength requirement). Pity that the Hummy does not remember my log in details when switching on from standby. It's a bit long winded filling in the full email address and password each time with the on screen keyboard (I don't suppose there is an IR keyboard supported by the Hummy, is there?)
I've seen it talked about - a quick search on here for 'keyboard' got a few results - notably This One (Click) which says they got one working (but not which one - you'll have to dig around and see if more info surfaced).
This issue here is not whether a USB/wireless keyboard can work, but whether the application has been designed to take input from it.
I was asking about an IR keyboard which would replace the remote (not a usb keyboard). I was simply thinking to replace the remote IR pulses with the keyboard IR pulses and hence the Hummy would recognize the input. But I see what you mean, even if we found such a keyboard the Hummy would only recognize "arrow left", "arrow right" etc but not the alphanumerics as the application is not looking for that input. (I am not using the custom firmware)