Picture break up and slow remote response problem


Hi all,
I have a Fox-T2 1TB running the customised firmware (1.02.20), I'm located in the london area. In the last few days I've started seeing a few problems (I'm aware of the london DSC currently taking place).

1. Watching live television and every 3 or 4 seconds the picture will black for a second.
2. Responses to button presses on the remote such as bringing up EPG or stepping down the program list can take10 seconds or so.
3. Programs recorded during one of these flaky periods will show a bad recording icon rather than a frame from the recorded program. When the recorded program is played back it has the momentary black screen problem in 1.

It seemed that a complete power down (including the on/off switch on the back), powering up and re scanning for channels would fix the problem until the next day during which at some point the remote response would once more start to be sluggish. I thought perhaps that the hard drive was on its way out having seen a few posts about failing 1TB hard drives.

However last night I discovered that powering down and up the system didnt fix the problem. Simply running an autoscan of the channels would cure the problem.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Has anyone got any idea what the problem could be? I'm wondering if the digital switchover happening at this precise moment is more than a coincidence?
I think you should see if it is still the same tomorrow. Who knows what might be happening while the transmitters are fiddled with.

(take an aspirin and come back if it's no better in the morning)
Yes, I'm hoping that given a day or 2 to get over the DSO flu things will be back to normal. In the meantime I'm getting fed up of re-entering all the series recording into the box. I understand one of the features of the custom software is an ability to back up all programmed recordings and restore them. Which plugin is this as I will give it a try tonight.

Also concerned after just reading about somewhere with blacking out pictures and the hard drive being faulty. Think I better back up all the recordings just in case.
You don't need any extras for the schedule backup, if you go into the WebIF and click through to the schedule, there is a button at the end to back up, and an automatic backup gets taken daily.
Ah brilliant news. Does it keep all the old backups? Or will the latest overwrite older schedules? I think we got fed up last night and didnt bother putting all the recordings we wanted back in.
Well, if you have the CF installed already why not take a look? It keeps a week's worth of automatic backups, and you should find them ready and waiting to install.
Well since the rescan I performed on 19th the box seems to be behaving once more so I guess it was all the changeover shenanigans causing the grief. Thats a relief. Thanks for the help.