Pixelation and freezing on playback


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I've had the Foxsat HDR 320gb for 6 months and it has been playing back recordings normally. However since the s/w update for the recording of the BBC Olympic channels, when I playback some recordings (not all) the picture is pixelated, freezes, jumps, then after a couple of minutes it plays normally again. Then further on during the recording it happens again.
I was watching the tennis final and recording it at the same time; the picture while watching was perfect but the recording was as described earlier. Could it be related to the s/w update or a failing HDD, or something else? Would appreciate any suggestions.
Best guess would be the hdd is on the way out.
Thanks for the reply Graham.
I suspected the HDD but as I've only had the HDR for 6 months and not done much recording until the Olympics I thought it might be something else. I Googled the problem and someone else has had something similar. He did a factory restore and it seems to have solved his problem. I might try that before taking it back to the retailer as it's still under warranty. Any other thoughts?