Pixellation on playback


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I recently noticed that when playing back recorded programmes, the screen would show small areas of pixellation every few seconds, plus sound glitches - almost as if the satellite dish was not aligned. Well, the dish is aligned ok, and the Diagnostics show a strength of 90% and quality of 100% on both channels.

So it sounds like the problem is internal to the HDR. Interestingly, I recently cleared down a lot of watched programmes (500Gb disk was about 50% full), and the few programmes I've recorded since seem to be okay. It'll be interesting to see what happens when it gets back up to the ~50% point.

The above leads me to think that either (a) the HDD in the box is dodgy, and has some bad sectors which were being written/read, or (b) the box firmware itself is a bit ropey.

I'm not sure if (b) is plausible, I guess it depends on how much of the logical-to-physical mapping is handled by the drive, and how much by the firmware.

Is there a way to check the drive in situ, or do I need to plug it into a PC and run a diagnostic tool (and if so, which one)?

Or is there any other opinion on what might be wrong?

If the disk is faulty, I'm tempted to go to a 1Gb HDD. Can anbody point me towards a compatibility list?