Play Humax recording on another TV

I am hoping that someone can help on here now that has gone.

I would like to be able to watch a recording i have made on the Humax on the main TV and on the TV in the kitchen

I have a roof top ariel that goes into the loft and splits into two. One to the humax in the living room and the other to the TV in the kitchen.

I then take a ariel cable from the humax into the TV. I also have a scart cable from the humax into the TV.

As a result I can watch the TV without the humax or switch to AV to watch the humax and recordings.

What I would like to do is "transmit" what is playing on the humax to the kitchen TV. I Have had a look at the wireless AV senders you can get from maplin but am woried about it interfering with my WIFI.

I think you can also use the AF modulator on the Humax to send it via the ariel cable but does that involve running more cable.

Any advise would be great.

As a side note I have a old PC that I use for Iplayer connected to the TV it would be nice if I could send that as well but I feel that that is a whole different ball game.

You could use the RF modulator on your 9200 but you would have to use some kind of splitter so that you can run an RF cable to both TV's. You should be OK with wireless AV senders and can now get 5.8 GHz units which should not interfere with your WiFi.
If you got a wireless AV sender with more than one input, you could also use that with your PC.
I use a wireless sender in the lounge to the bedroom and have no problems with WiFi at all. The WiFi hub is one side of a wall in one bedroom and the sender receiver is on the other side of the same wall and I use my laptop in the lounge about 7ft from the sender without any problems.
A wireless AV sender is the best bet as it also allows you to use your hummy remote control in the other room. Other solutions don't give you that.
For what it's worth this is how I do it....

At the time I had the arial spit in the loft with a booster, one went to the living, one to the Kitchen and the other to the bedroom, when we got a tv for the dinning room I needed another splitter/booster, so I bought one with six out puts and replaced it for the original, the original was put to bed. After a few months we wanted to watch recorded stuff on teh other TV's, so I got the old one out and put it back, the arial now goes via the old one to the tv, the out put from hummy goes to the new one and we can watch record stuff on any tv. I did lay two new caples though, one to take the signal back to the loft and one to bring it back again. Not ideal but it works for us. Just my tuppence worth!

Since then we have purchased a second 9200.