Playback of files seems to judder


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hi just wanted to know if anyone else gets judder from playback of files xvid and mkv (actually all i've tested)
the judder happens in scenes where the camera pans from left to right much like the kind you would get if you played a pal dvd with ntsc settings on a dvd player
it seems to be a fps or refresh rate issue most of my files are 23.976 fps progressive scan
to some it might seem less noticeable but it annoys me no end could it be my tv or the t2?
when watching tv tuner or iplayer no judder when camera pans from left to right i think its because the hdmi input is at 50hz and the tv and iplayer play 25 fps so the rates go
also none of my files do it on my pc using ffdshow decoder connected via hdmi
its as if the t2 can't convert the fps for the 50hz refresh rate or something maybe it only plays 25fps properly or is it because my tv does not support certain rates?
if so whats the best hz to playback 23.976 as i'm getting a new tv soon i'm guessing 120hz or 600hz?
does the t2 need to be set at a certain rate as i can't find settings or does the tv decide the input rate?
i hope this is makes sense? just want to know if i can resolve this juddering?
just a side question when the t2 'upscales' a source video to 1080p does it do a fps conversion to 25fps if the fps of the source is different?