Playback on recordings corrupt/blocking


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I have what I think is a very strange fault, which I'll try to explain as best I can….
For the last few weeks we've had regular problems with corruption/blocking during playback of recordings, this makes the playback completely unusable.
AFAIK the affected recordings are all from HD channels (although I'm less likely to record non-HD stuff, I'll have to try recording these for a while for comparison).
Testing has revealed the following:
  • Playback of an affected recording (played on the Humax) always 'fails' at a consistent point
  • If I wait and continue to play the recording the corrupted part is skipped, i.e. when/if the playback is momentarily visible again it's clear that the timeline has jumped significantly further than the elapsed playback time
  • I copied one of the recording off the Humax onto my Mac and if I play it back using VLC and it's 100% perfect, every time
  • If I start the playback on the Humax and also on my Mac at the same time (from the copied-off file) I can easily see that the Humax playback skips, for example I have one recording that fails at 29 minutes (only on the Humax playback) and then jumps to the 41 minute point within the space of 1-2 minutes. The VLC playback is again fine.
  • We've only noticed this in the evening, when the box is possibly recording other stuff while playing back.
  • For one program/series link I inadvertently recorded the HD & SD versions of the same program at the same time. Only the HD program is affected on playback.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
These are the versions of my system at the moment:
Web interface version: 1.0.3
Custom firmware version: 2.15 (build 1496)
Humax Version: 1.02.32
Update your custom firmware to the latest (currently 2.17), then use Telnet access to bring up the maintenance menu. Select the menu option to go into maintenance mode (it will reboot and you will have to reconnect Telnet) then run the fix-disk option. If there are any file system inconsistencies causing the Humax to struggle to read a file fast enough, fix-disk should cure it.

Details HERE (click).
As the files play back on VLC then obviously they are complete even though the Humax won't play them back properly, this could be due to the inability of the Humax to read the file quick enough for some reason or maybe it's an on the fly decryption problem, here are 3 thing to try :-
1) copy the entire recording to another folder on the Humax and try to play the copy
2) Manually decrypt the file in the copy folder area and then try to play
3) In the copy folder area delete all files except the TS file and then try to play