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Playback possible from web IF on Windows 10?

Is there any way of playing recordings via the web IF using a web browser on Windows 10? Whenever I try it (on Chrome or Firefox) it doesn't seem to be supported.

Ian Manning

I've installed the VLC Chrome extension but when I try playback it says "This plug-in is not supported"

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Refreshing myself on that thread (the final three posts "cut to the chase"), it looks like it might be a lot less hassle to just fire up the VLC app and use the browse UPnP facility to play Humax content directly via DLNA (within VLC instead of Chrome/any other web browser).

Alternatively, so long as your Humax content is routinely decrypted, use the samba package so that the Humax media folders become a NAS (network accessible storage) directly accessible from the Windows file system. Then you can play the recordings on the PC in any media player that supports TS, just as it they were stored locally (presuming an adequate network bandwidth). My favourite video player is Splash. My fall-back for anything Splash won't play is VLC.