Playback .TS files on linuxmint


Has anyone done this?

I've been asked if I can get linuxmint to play back the humax .ts files.
After having a few tests a new installation of linuxmint (media included as downloaded)
will playback some .ts files as recorded from the Humax. (Playback from external harddrive
plugged into a laptop - ie no wireless issues involved)

However linuxmint does not seem capable of playback of HD recordings in the .TS wrapper
I have managed to resolve all known issues relating the Nvidia graphics on this OS
and have tried both hardware supported and software playback of the codecs with no luck.

I mention this because playback occurs as if a processor/system is far too slow. Needless
to say the same harware running win-7 (dual booted) plays back just fine
A few frames get correctly decoded then playback freezes or jerks corrupt for a few seconds
(FYI some of these play perfectly on an old win98 system running AMD-32 at 1Ghz)
(The ones that dont on win98 have missing codecs)

This issue occurs with a mint-32 system and a mint-64 system on different hardware
using either VLC player or the other built in one. (different hardware AND playback software)

Strangely some HD formats playback fine and SD in a .TS wrapper from the humax seems fine.
I cant find any reference to anyone else having HD codec issues or I wouldnt be asking here.

All this leads me to suspect the OS itself and codecs cannot decode a HUMAX HD file
correctly - perhaps due to too many streams - The issue occurs on bot BBC and C4 HD recordings

Any comments on the issue would be welcome.

Perhaps you could give it an easier test with a cleaned up file? I recall there was some work done to make files acceptable to TV media players, or you could try shrink and/or mpg conversion.
Yes you are right - "first unplug everything you can"
I'll try stripping out all the streams and putting them back one by one when I get the chance
to see what happens. Thanks.
Hi martin
Its VLC V2.0.1 build date April 3 2012
According to the "about" window it uses its own codecs (pinch of salt maybe?)
My intuition is saying this is an OS issue though I dont have anything concrete to back that up
except the different ways I've reproduced the issue.
I dont know how linux works anymore though - I stopped using it a while back.
The most I do now is to compile things with FPC/lazarus from time to time.
VLC only does partial hardware acceleration, see this wiki article for more info. It is more to do with the design of VLC than limitations in the OS. I have had some success with gnome mplayer where VLC has failed in playing 1080p material on my atom-based netbook with an Ion chipset. Just make sure you select vdpau as your video output and enable video hardware support.
Problem identified:

VLC cannot play back AC3 audio - looking through the forums it has always had this problem - it turns out it happens on SD video as well as HD
I've now demuxed then re-encoded an AC3 recording to AAC and remuxed - VLC plays it back fine now as far as I can tell.

There is now just one thing puzzling me:
VLC claims to be using its own internal codecs - yet the other media players on linuxmint have the same issue.
Thats kind of interesting - I wish I had more time to play.