Playback Video Breakup (Short)


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Foxsat HDR with CFW 4.1.0

Occasional video blanking (1-2 secs) on playback only
Smooth Transition like it was part of the film (cut to black)
Thought it was random but I now think it occurs
when a background recording begins or ends (just before and just after schedule times)
It doesn't appear to be destructive
Backing up and playing the same section again is fine
It didn't happen before I installed 4.1.0 and "The Patch"

Anyone else noticed??



Gone to play with 4.1.1 !!
Yeah mine started this a couple of months ago. It only does it once, and sometimes "channel scrambled" comes up but when you rewind it's perfect. It did do it when a recording was due but it's also done it when no recordings are due. Mine was doing this before i installed 4.1.0 and it's still doing it . Is yours still doing it ? and is there a 4.1.1 ?
Hi fb

Yes it still does it but doesn't appear to be destructive

Does 4.1.1 exist??
Oh Yes!!!