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When you pause or rewind live tv and the playbar comes up, can anyone tell me what the numbers represent? Sorry, I'm new to this machine and the manual doesn't really explain it.

If the 2000T is like the Fox-T2, the Lefthand number indicates the start time of the timeslip buffer, the Righthand number is the end time of the buffer. The Middle number is the current time associated with the picture being displayed.

When paused, you should be able to move backwards and forwards using the left and right arrow buttons on the remote control centre ring.

I'm not sure what timeslip buffer is. Does it tell you anywhere how many minutes/seconds behind live tv you are?
It does not tell you directly. But ...

An example: If the time of day is 21:09 and the number that floats just above the playbar says 21:07 then you are 2 minutes behind live TV.
IIRC (I'll look the next time I have it on), the bar is always two hours long, which is the maximum buffer time. The left and right hand ends tell you the start and potential finish times of the current buffer. The coloured area of the bar ends at current time, denoting the length of time you have buffered. The little line with a time above it shows the time at which you are watching. In Luke's example the coloured bar would fill from the left hand end (the time at which buffering started) to 21:09. A little bit to the left of that will be a little line and above it the figure 21:07.