Playing .dvdmedia files


I hope I'm correct in posting this in the Customised Firmware (for which many thanks to all those involved) forum.

I have used the application Handbrake to rip some of my own DVDs on a Mac to an NTFS formatted USB drive. The files were ripped as .m4v files and when the drive is connected to the HDR-FOX T2 they play without difficulty.

Some DVDs could not be ripped by Handbrake or played in VLC - in particular any that were DVD Region 1 (I have a separate Region 1 drive so that is not the obvious problem). I managed to use another application to do so however and that rips the DVD as a .dvdmedia file which plays in VLC or Apple's DVD Player but not on the Humax.

One advantage of the .dvdmedia files is that they preserve the full active menu structure - particularly useful for DVDs of TV series with multiple episodes per disc.

My technical knowledge is limited but .dvdmedia seems to be some sort of container for a Video_TS file.

Is there any way of getting these to play on a HDR T2?

There is a workaround as I've found that I can open the .dvdmedia files in Handbrake, access individual titles and convert them to .m4v files, but this won't preserve the menus.
You won't be able to preserve a DVD menu structure on the Humax, however as far as individual files are concerned, you could try just re-naming them, for example renaming a VOB file to MPG