Playing FVP HD content on an HD or HDR-FOX T2.


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I suppose I should put my head above the parapet and confess that I bought a (secondhand) FVP-5000T a few months ago. The reason was that two problems that I don't think there are known solutions for were really starting to bug me (subtitles getting out of synch and blips in sound when connected to a recent LG television). I can confirm that the FVP-5000T does not suffer from either of these problems and it has so far been faultless in actually making recordings. Like everyone else I do think the UI is slow but I can live with it but the lack of consistency in how things operate and some of the design decisions are really odd and irritating.

Anyway to get to my question. I can play SD content via DLNA from the FVP_5000T on the HDR-FOX T2 without problem however attempting to play HD content results in the error message 'Cannot support this file format". I have been discussing the problem over on and a perfectly credible user with an HD-FOX T2 can play the HD content. One other difference is that he is playing from an FVP-4000T whilst I have an FVP-5000T. Anybody any idea why we are seeing different results? He is speculating that the custom firmware on the HD-FOX might be involved but that seems unlikely to me. I wonder if it could be a difference in the DTCP versions between the 4000T and 5000T. Would the DTCP version be updated with the new software or is it implemented at a lower level?