Playing HD files on PC.

Morning all,

I am using the latest custom firmware (which is awesome, thanks) and have installed the auto unprotect and auto decrypt or whatever it's called.

I have recorded some HD content which I want to keep -Doctor Who from BBC 1 HD, have transferred it to an external hard drive and played it on my PC. The picture is excellent and pin sharp, but there is no sound. When I transfer the same file back to the Humax, it plays perfectly.

I play it in Windows Media Player.

Does anyone know of a player, or codec which will allow the HD .ts file to play properly on my PC?

Thanks in advance.

Hmmmm. Beef with Apple. Sounds delicious.

Thanks for the reply. I've not tried it yet. I will give it a go. Much appreciated:)

Hmmmm. Beef with Apple. Sounds delicious.
VLC used to have problems with the Humax HiDef format, but has been cured in the last year or so. Splash Player Lite makes a good job of it, and was the favourite before VLC was cured (but SPL does not offer streaming access whereas VLC does).

The problem is that the sound stream changes format between the lead in and the programme itself, and the players used not to handle the change on the fly.

As long as your PC has access to the Humax across your network, you do not need to transfer the file at all - just use VLC to stream it (auto-unprotect required for HiDef). You could try accessing the recording via the WebIF media browser and click "play"!
Thanks very much. I've now got VLC installed and it's all good. The sound works nicely. Thanks for the advice!

Hmmmm. Beef with Apple. Sounds delicious.