Playing other non Humax SD or HD videos on 2000T


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Not sure if this has been covered but I have made the following observation which might be useful for others wanting to play non-Humax videos on their HDR 2000T.

I have 2 T2's and 2000T. After reading somewhere on one of the T2 threads I experimented on one of the T2's with playing non-Humax video files such DVD's blu-rays, HD camcorder video, Old Topfield SD recordings. They all had to be re-encoded first, into h264.mp4 video files with AAC audio. Blu-rays are re-encoded at a lower bit rate (8-10 Mb/S). All I did then was to FTP them to the T2 and they all play perfectly with the added bonus of full transport control functionality on the remote control when playing (FF/RW etc) and without any of the sidecar files.
I then FTP'd the videos to the 2000T and they also play perfectly. Exactly the same as the T2.
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The HD/HDR-FOX is not limited to that, but that is the specification for full transport.

See Index (click): Miscellaneous >> Video File Support & Manipulation >> Codec Support

(My index is now mega outdated, but still points to the basics we established in the early days)