Playing ts files on Ubuntu.


As per subject, I've downloaded a couple of ts files from the pvr.

But they don't seem to want to play back on Ubuntu.
Any ideas ?? I have VLC and ffmpeg installed.

VLC should play the files OK on Ubuntu.

I see from another post that you have installed the custom firmware and I assume that you have installed auto-unprotect ?

Are you using FTP to transfer the files ? (FTP will not unencrypt the files as they are copied over to the PC)

What happens if you try to play a recording (SD and HD) that has been copied of the Humax to to a usb memory stick or hard drive ? (copying to usb will unencrypt SD files if or HD file if auto-unprotect has removed the recordings encyrption flag)
I used the web interface to remove the enc flag off one HD program and then used the web interface to copy that program and a standard sd file to my PC.
Neither will play.
Just removing the flag does not decrypt the files. You must copy the files, using the OPT+ button, to either an external USB disk or to the virtual disk if you are using the modified firmware. It is the copying that performs the actual decryption. Then you can ftp from the external disk/virtual disk to your pc. Yes, it's slow.

Beware of copying to your pc using samba - it currently contains a bug that means it can't handle files over 2GB. It will also report wrong source file sizes if over 2GB. Use ftp.
Thanks, I hadn't realised that !!
Is the virtual disk install by default ? or does that only become active when a USB drive is connected ?
It's part of the modified firmware package. You can install it through Package Management in the web interface.

I've just connected a 160GB USB Hard disk to the T2.
First partition is fat32, the seconds NTFS. Both partitions are visible and I can read files from both, but I only get the option to copy to the 1st.
Is that normal ?? The 1st partition doesn't have enough free space, the 2nd has loads...

Why can't I use the 2nd partition ??
The hummy is linux-based. It can read NTFS partitions, but not write to them. It can read and write to FAT32, but FAT32 has a filesize limit of 4GB, so beware. The hummy's native file system is ext3, which it can read or write with no restrictions.

The hummy can format your external drive in ext3, but it can only format the whole drive, not a partition. No one said it was supposed to be easy....

Believe me, the simplest solution is to install the virtual disk. You can then copy the file(s) you want to virtual and from there to your pc using either ftp or the OPT+ button in the "Browse Media Files" option in the web interface.